OPTIMIST “OPTIcal liMIting and SwiTching with nanoscale photonic structures” Financed by NATO SPS Project, 04/21-04/24 (Coordinator: C. De Angelis)

SPATIALS3 “Miglioramento delle produzioni agroalimentari e tecnologie innovative per un’alimentazione più sana, sicura e sostenibile”; Financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the ROP of the Lombardy Region ERDF 2014-2020, Feb.2020-Sept.2022. (Resp. INO: C. Baratto)

SCENT “One dimensional, single-chain polymers for gas sensors through high-pressure technology”; Finanziamento: EU, terza parte progetto H2020-ATTRACT, Periodo: Mag. 2019 – Mag. 2020. (Resp. INO: A. Ponzoni, project coordinator)

NOMEN – PRIN 2017: Nonlinear photonics in metal-less metasurfaces. 2019-2022 (Coordinator: C. De Angelis)

OMEN – CNR joint lab project (in collaboration with University Paris Diderot): Nonlinear photonics with metal-less nanoantennas and metasurfaces. 2019-2021 (Coordinator: C. De Angelis)

EMIMEO – Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees “Erasmus Mundus on Innovative Microwave Electronics and Optics” 2018-2024. (Coordinator: C. De Angelis)

NANEOS “Multi-Sensor System for Rapid Detection of Hazardous Agents”; Financed by NATO; 18 Feb. 2016 – 31 May. 2019. (Coordinator: C. Baratto)

EMPATIA “ EMpowerment del PAzienTe In cAsa“; Financed by Fondazione Cariplo – Regione Lombardia; 1 Gen. 2017 – 31 Dic 2019. (Resp. INO: A. Ponzoni)

FHfFC “Future Home for Future Communities”; Financed by III Accordo Quadro Regione Lombardia – CNR; 1 Gen 2017 – 31 Giu. 2019. (Resp. INO A. Ponzoni)

Cybersort; Financed by III Accordo Quadro Regione Lombardia – CNR; 1 Gen 2017 – 31  Giu. 2019. (Resp. INO: C. Baratto)

SNOOPY “Sniffer for concealed people discovery” Grant agreement n. 313110; Financed by European Commission (SEC); Period: 1 Gen 2014 – 31 Dic 2016. (Resp. INO: A. Ponzoni)

NANOPHI, “Europe – Asia – Pacific Exchange programme in Nanophotonics”, Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Strand 2 project, 2014-2018. (Resp.:  C. de Angelis)