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The PRISM ( Photonics Research Innovation Sensors and Materials) Lab of CNR-INO has long experience in conductometric gas sensing field, and in their application to the Electronic Nose for Agrifood and health care application. Growth and deposition of nanostructured oxides, Vibrational Spectroscopy and Nonlinear Optics are pursued for use in electrical and optical sensors and nanoantenna/metasurfaces.

The PRISM Lab research group is located in Brescia, in the area of CSMT, and has its roots in a strong collaboration with the nearby University of Brescia, Information Engineering Department (DII).

Since 2018 the group strongly collaborates with the Electromagnetic Fields and Photonics Group of the DII, University of Brescia.


c/o CSMT via Branze, 45 – 25123 Brescia
Tel.: +39 030 6595246
Fax: +39 030 6595247